Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Faking Blindness

Blind, or not willing to see?
Some cannot and some agree. 
Broken eyes we sympathize, 
but closed implies a cruel disguise.
Cause all the girls and all the guys,
are scared deep down to cause a rise,
And suffer life's most cruel demise: 
death by unpopularity.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Magic Mirror

Men of all sizes see themselves tall,
Avoiding the king who died for them all.
They laugh and they loot and they fight and they brawl,
In love with a mirror that lies to them all.

Designer World View

A myth or pop wisdom, a god or a while,

We now choose our world-view as fashion and style.

The old rugged cross seems the only exception,

Too hard to contemplate from our perception.


Father and mother raise a child,

Our age it seems has been beguiled.

A mosaic of social cacophony tiled,

Depicting boys and girls gone wild. 

Oakley Jesus

Put sunglasses on to make it less bright,
It hurts our eyes to go out in God's light.
My Oakley-brand Jesus sure looks cool to wear,
Just pretend the hard Scriptures are not even there.