Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas, 2009

Hi Church Family,

Merry Christmas. I am truly the most blessed man alive, spending my nineteenth Christmas among God's wonderful people at Catskill Mountain Christian Center. The miracle of Bethlehem is burning as brightly in my heart this year as ever before--especially when I think about how we are so much like the people who witnessed that great event on the first Christmas. I recognize all the biblical characters in our CMCC community today:

I recognize Mary in every dear woman in our church, obedient in hardship and full of innocent devotion to Him. I see Joseph in every strong man holding onto his faith and going along with the plan even though not fully comfortable with everything happening. I see a busy, listless community around us as dull of hearing as Bethlehem's Innkeepers. I can recognize the Wise Men in the eyes of those in CMCC who are looking upward for wisdom, always trying to learn and experience more of God. I see King Herod in the hostile attitudes of our modern age. I see the Shepherds in all of the hard working men and women of CMCC, always busy with jobs, businesses, homes and families but quick to jump to serve God when called upon. I recognize the Baby Jesus in the eyes of every child--each one an up-and-coming Billy Graham, Martin Luther, William Wilberforce or Mother Theresa. I feel the presence of Angels every time we gather to worship Jesus.

So to all of you who have witnessed Jesus Christ born in your own heart, I wish you the most wonderful Christmas ever. Jesus Christ: born of a virgin, lived without sin, worked miracles, loved the down trodden, taught truth, offered hope, crucified for our transgressions and raised from the dead... reigns in Glory forever more... will be back to get us soon.

Christmas Blessings,
Pastor Bob Engelhardt